Encounter with the Bath tub

While planning the trip itself I knew that this is meant to be a bit more painful than the rest of the holidays. In this post, I am not gonna talk about the emotionally disturbing times which are going to occur soon when my little nephew leaves, and then later when we return to Singapore. But, only the physical ache.
My pain tolerance level is so high that I start feeling the pain when I see someone else is bleeding. I am scheduled to undergo wisdom teeth surgery today afternoon! So, everyone in the family is quite convinced that the night time fits and sleeplessness I have these days are mainly coz of the thought of the surgery. We planned to reach home 2 days before the surgery to spend some pain free, happy time with the family. Sadly, it is not that pain free any more.
In India, it is quite common for us to walk bare foot, especially in religious places. So, by the end of the first day, my feet are quite dirty. Not out of habit, but out of necessity, I had to scrub my feet clean
I clearly remember leaning over the bathtub to reach for the scrubber. And then the Bam!#*! Next thing I know is that I am on the floor with the pain shooting from my face. As I try to scan a mental image, the first thing that hit me was, Wow, the bathroom is quite big. I am laying whole length on the floor and still the door is sooo far away. I am not even inside the bath tub! As I opened my eyes, I saw the blood gushing out of a small deep cut in the knee. I could see the deep red marks on the shin bones and feet where it had hit the tub and eventually the floor. I had to take a minute to compose myself to lift up and take a look at the mirror. I saw the unexpected. The right side of my face is bloody!! The corner of the eyebrows is the origin and I could not feel the pain from the cut coz of the impact my face had on the floor.
My right cheek bones are prominent now. I have heard that having prominent cheek bones is a sign of beauty, but am sure itz not the case with my face, especially clubbed with the purplish blackish ring around my eye. I hate the fact that in a single moment, I did so much damage to my body that it hurts from the Feet to Leg to Neck to Face!
The only fun I am having out of this is when people visit and enquire about my unsightly face. I make the most dramatic expression possible and sadly tell them that my husband is beating the hell out of me! As they turn and stare unbelievably at Manu, I enjoy the startled look on his face!


Cane-an said...

Get well soon Manju! Go easy on Manu :)

Icarus said...

Did Manu force you to make this story up and post it on the Internet to cover for his wife-beating? ;-)

Get well soon!

U_Kno_Who said...

Thanks for the wishes. I am getting better :-)
But then, if I start being nice to manu, even he will feel strange I think ;)

That's an even better thought! U r smart

sharmi0111 said...

Oh da......so well thats a bit like de dream i told u ;o( ''but this is cruel ''girl ur tooth surgery ended up in a ''bath tub encounter ''

Sorry for the fall :o( but must admit that i completely enjoyed reading the way u made a blog out of it ;o) ---U please take care of ur self.......''

sharmi :)

U_Kno_Who said...

I told u right ..was so amazed when u told me about the dream.
The doctor was not so kind as u to allow me to cancel the surgery :( That's another story. Will share with u some day.

glad u enjoyed reading it :)

I am totally fine now. Thanks :)
Just have a small black fading crescent below my eyes ..