Food Review - Santa Fe Tex Mex Grill

A tuesday, we went to check out some interesting city scapes after work.
I know itz not even mid week, but how I could not resist some restaurant food, when it was in such a proximity. I was in no mood to cook dinner later. Plus, I did work out during the day!
We decided to repeat our fave restaurant in Somerset. Yep! Time for some Mexican food. Its just next to Cuppage terrace. We love Fajitas and especially the ones @ Santa Fe. So, we didn't care to order or try any other mains. Do order one of it and I am sure you won't regret it!

The chimichangas are super delicious. Sorry guys, we finished them so fast that I had to take a snap from the menu.

Being this time of the month (Got the Pay-cheque 2 weeks back ), it is a bit expensive place.
But, yaay we were lucky to be going out on tuesdays .. 1 for 1 Mains :-)

Don't be disappointed even if you choose to go on weekends. You get free drinks. They have Erdinger too !

They have another outlet at Marina South Pier, which is in a boat. I have been to a birthday party hosted there. With ambient lighting and the waves and little swaying, itz a romantic place.


Moving on ..

I do remember talking to you all about the weightloss journey & the fat percentage. After a while, the scales were like on a break, resisting to move either ways. Stagnant as a rock, at the same number every time I step on.

These days, Mom and dad are here @ home and we get sumptuous amount of delicious mom-made, home-made food. Also, we have been visiting charming cafes & a few restaurants as part of the daily trips :-) (I do intend to write for you, about one of my restaurant. Soon... very soon). Naturally the scales had started going up little by little.

This week we have collectively decided at home that I have to get back on my weight loss track. In the past 5 days, I have finally overcome my emotional struggle, and have conquered the urge to snatch food from Manu's plate. Neither am I taking mid-night trips to the pantry when everyone else is asleep.
Today morning, it was so comfy to sleep that I skipped the walk. To compensate, today evening we are gonna skip shopping and go to a nearby park for picnic :-)

Maybe itz the healthy foods combined with "kilometers & kilometers" of walking (Mom & me have kind of made a pact to cover max number of shopping malls within this month!), the scales have started tipping down !

I will keep you updated :-) :-)


Sweet sweet life :-)

This post is dedicated to the biggest sweet tooth I have ever seen - one & only Vava (sweet little girl) of our family, Milu Ignatius:-)
It is not a surprise to anyone that I am a foodie & am totally glad about my passion, except for the fact that I need to cut down a bit now and again to bring down my weight to the goal limit. Of all the food & drinks, sweets take the last step in the ladder.
But, I vouch my whole life that only a few other food can match the satisfaction, the sweet explosions this heavenly wine infused Black Forest can create in your mouth. Until I had this cake, my fave sweet stop in Singapore was "Secret recipe". The first bite of this Black Forest from Canelé, topped everything!
Once, during my stay in Chicago, a friend of mine offered me a choice. Either to spend the time going up the iconic Sears tower Or to go for a Dinner& Dessert spree. We went to the Greek town for dinner, followed by a long ride for a drink at The Signature Room on the 95th floor of John Hancock tower & dessert at Cheese cake factory. Even now, when am writing this, I can feel the rich creamy cheesy feeling all over my brain. And I was so sure that no other cake in the world is so good.
But, I stand corrected!

This is the best piece of cake I have had until now.

I wish Milu would visit Singapore soon, at least just for this ..

A million Thanks to Nickie & Carol, for introducing me to Canelé.