Bangkok Bang !!

At the very first thought, Bangkok is so far the most interesting destination I have been to. A reasonable argument could be that I am doing a recollection just within in 12 hours after the trip.

For a friends trip, the expectations were set very high, after our last ‘expedition’ to Surabaya. But Bangkok has reset those levels & have raised it to a whole new all-time high satisfaction index. This is definitely a place to re-visit & wish I could get more than a weekend, next time.

The city lives just for the reason that tourists can enjoy. The effect of multiplying the potential of this city with the untamed corruption is explosive. The channels the Thai Bahts can open is endless! Shopping is so amazing out there. The more you want to buy, you just need to walk a bit more. There is almost nothing that you can't get in BKK.

People, Bangkok is definitely the best which Asia can offer to compete with the Vegas phenomenon! Some guys from the trip were so adamant to rename it to the “City of Angels”.

As and when I get time, I will be writing about how much I hated this city the moment we stepped out of the airport. And later how quickly we could learn the system & it transformed almost magically to an enticing destination. Due to privacy protection laws, I will not be writing about a few happenings ;) 
But for guidelines, please do e-mail me & I can direct you to the experts!

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