My Update - It might be motivation to you :-)

Guys & Gals ...
I have a wonderful news to share. After 3 months of dedicated work out & almost sticking to my diet, I am starting to see results.
My face has become smaller.. My chubbier cheeks have returned to being just chubby ;)
I can run a bit faster and I don't need pause to catch breath while running to catch the bus. So, I get to be on the same bus as my friends
Well, (Here you have to imagine me jumping up & down) The scale is showing 4 Kilos less.
Another point to note here is that the scale is static for the last 2.5 weeks. Stupid thing is not tipping down! But somehow I can fit into few of my old clothes! Maybe my muscle mass went up!

People at work have started noticing & the ladies are coming to Me for weight loss tips and Motivation. Since I have done whole load of research on this area, this is one thing I can help everyone with.
Major fact - I have not gained weight during any of the 3 vacations I had this year. I plan to keep the strategy on for rest of the year :)

I am going to India tomorrow for multiple reasons.
Thatz where I should be wearing my Salwar suits and maybe Saree too. Hopefully, I can fit into the clothes which I had from 2011 beginning. Then, I can escape shopping, especially for bigger clothes. If I do not go shopping, I will get to spend more time with my li'l nephew ..

See, I knew there were multiple benefits in losing weight ;)

If you were thiking about starting work out & getting fitter, just start on it right now !
Get Moving !!  

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