Singapore outings - Pulau Ubin

I have this impression that if you live in Singapore for a couple of years, it is lame if you did not spend a day in Pualu Ubin. So, during the last long weekend, when it was a not-so-sunny day,  I geared up with a set of friends to explore Pulau Ubin. 
The bumboat starts from the Changi ferry terminal in the Changi village. Its a $5 boat ride, return. There ain't any schedule, the boat leaves as and when it gets to 10-12 people. For $2, you can take own bikes to Ubin, on the boat. As you reach the island, you can see many bike rental & surgery (whatever it means) shops. The bike rentals range from 7-20$ for a day's rental.
Did you notice the board in Hindi?
Should I specially mention how glad I felt :-)

The major thing you get to do there is cycling through the blue, black and doube black diamond trails.

The quarries on one side of Ubin are quite a sight and a windy place to catch your breath.
It is worth to lug your cameras and tripods over, as well.

Since we live in the west end of Singapore, I had no intentions of going all the way back to Ubin. But, how can I leave Singapore without seeing what the Chek Java Wet lands are?
So, I started forcing the guys to ride to the other end of the Island. We didn't plan to cycle for so long, but we spend a good 4 hours on the bike. We were pretty famished, but had nothing in stock except a couple of calorie bars. There is an old shop-house on the way, where they serve lunch. It was well into the afternoon when we reached there. So, they were out of food. But, their canned beers are cold enough to fuel the cyclists :-) The old uncle is kind enough to give you free biscuits as well.

As we reach the wetlands, there is an information office. You are not allowed to take your bikes after this point. You can just leave it out there with the rest of the bikes and walk the rest of the distance. There is a viewing tower at the start of the wet lands. You can see all the way up to Pulau Tekong from up there. While some of us went up, few guys stayed back and peeled a coconut and finished it.
All over the wetlands, there are thousands of teeny crabs and other tiny little creatures over there, lots of shade to relax.

By the time you reach the Jetty, you would be hungry and tired, but I recommend you to curb your hunger for a little while more with the drinks. As you reach back at Changi, walk a bit further after the car park to the Changi village food court. End the wonderful day with the Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani or the Penyet stall next to it. People! believe me!! it is worth the wait!
I am planning to go all the way back there just for the food ;)

If you aren't that hungry, head to the food court at ECP for Chilli crab, to finish the Singaporean day.

Have you been to Ubin ?
If yes, Let me know how your day was.


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