Why Singapore always Busy ?

Majority of the people living in Singapore are always busy, always in a rush.
To attain something unique, to reach the sales first, to grab the first row in the gym class, To grab the free seat in the train .. I have been amazed at the crazy pace at which Groupon sells and the flight tickets get sold out .. In Minutes!!
This is what I deem as Singaporean culture.
I never agree with people who say that Singapore, being a relatively new found land and a multicultural city state, does not have a culture of its own! We are a highly competitive, aggressive and pro-active nation. Singapore, with just the man power, has struggled a long way to be deemed as a major Metropolis. Proud to say that Singapore has earned it place and respect in the world!
These are the up sides of it. But, I wonder at times, has the bad sides of this started showing? Can this small place handle this much population and aggressiveness? The increasing number of mistakes and accidents I witness these days is seriously concerning.

Why couldn't this guy wait a few seconds more until the bus goes by?

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