A perfect Autumn nite !!

Here I come into the new world. Till date, I had plenty of time to start blogging. But I ddn’t get the needed trigger to start. And now, I have one solid reason . I have my Japanese exam next Sunday. And since it is exam time, I feel like I want to do many many things .. like painting, watch movies, cycling, shopping, browsing and everything except studies!! That is how I stumbled upon the blogs of some of my friends and the idea stikes me !! I need to start blogging .. That will be the ultimate thing I can do when exams are near ;)
So friends … let me also make a small space for me in the blogosphere.
As I said, I am having japanese exam on december 2nd. Today, being a holiday, I went to my friend’s place for combine study. As usual, we all talked a lot about movies, songs and the common topics .. well… did some studies in between. I stay at Sanda,Japan.[ Have a lot to write about this beautiful place. Expect a blog soon about Sanda.] And my friends stay at Yurinokidai. Its some 15 mins away from Sanda by train.
First thing I saw when I stepped out of their house was the bright full moon in the dark night. Today it was a perfect Autumn night, with clear sky and full moon and obviously lots of stars .The temperature was -1 degree, a bit too cold for Autum… rite ? Time seemed so perfect and felt that world is really beautiful . I feel that tonight was the most beautiful nite I have ever seen.

I realised that I need to buy a cam soon.