During a lunch hour, we were discussing food, diet and work-out. Eventually the discussion led to the question.

What motivates you to lose weight?

Instantly my pictures when I was in Japan and the time back in India were flashing in front of me. Oh wow ! I liked how I looked those days. I really really wish to be looking like that.
I remember a lot of those clothes stashed in the corner of my wardrobe.
So, yeah.. The goal is set. I wanna start wearing those.
My biggest challenge related to work-outs or Gym is "When to"?
I am not a morning person & Manu finds a zillion interesting things to do every evening! So, decided to hit the gym in the lunch hour. I signed up for the nearest gym (painfully realizing that the monthly fees is expensive than some of my air-tickets!)
So far, it is going on pretty good for me. One month plus & I am already feeling fitter!
Who doesn’t? After the amazing dance moves, body combat and the body pumps :)
Only side effect is, on the days when I take combat classes, I tend to keep punching in the air for the rest of the day!
I am famous for getting hyper-excited after work-outs. As far as I gauge, my productivity has increased for the second half of the day.

What’s your answer ? And how are you achieving it ?
Feel free to share your answers and motivate the rest!

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