See where the evening walk is leading us to!

A few weekends back, on a Saturday afternoon we were out for the customary "long walks". One of our favorite targets for such walks is the Queenstown library. Perfectly far from home, vast space to relax, cushioned chairs and BOOKS !!
The travel section is a must-stop. But then, the next trip was (not the tense) gonna be Bali and that's quite far away. The guy came around with the gleaming eyes and kept ogling at the SE Asia section. It took me a second to set eyes on his subject. And then a second more to say Okay!
Couple it with the weekend cycling at Ubin with a crazy bunch, I got busy very soon, booking 7 tickets to BANGkok !


Dragonfly said...

Public libraries shouldn't have such big 'travel' sections I think... ;)

U_Kno_Who said...

Aah! So, The library is the culprit Ha ?