A small cafe tucked in the inner streets of the city. On weekends, Tom N Toms is a quiet place for coffee and fresly baked pretzels. People can peacefully get their work done, or catch up with their reading and people like me can enjoy the food and drinks & be content by watching other people ;)
Oh, by the way, we get free wifi there.

Originally from South Korea, their Singaporean outlet is in the Icon building in Gopeng street. We stumbled upon this place on a sunday morning exploration.

The staff says the place gets busy during the week and on evenings.
Coffee is the same as we find in other spots. But I ain't any connoisseur & I was drinking regular cappuccino.
The pretzels are what make the people come back here.They have a hand full of variants. You can have either normal pretzels or stuffed ones.
We chose almond pretzel & wanted caramel on top. The caramel dipping sauce comes as an extra, for a Dollar. The quantity and price is a bit too much to pour on a 5$ pretzel.

Love they way they prepare the pretzles right in front of us.
Try the Cinnamon apple for the sweet tooth!

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