Sweet sweet life :-)

This post is dedicated to the biggest sweet tooth I have ever seen - one & only Vava (sweet little girl) of our family, Milu Ignatius:-)
It is not a surprise to anyone that I am a foodie & am totally glad about my passion, except for the fact that I need to cut down a bit now and again to bring down my weight to the goal limit. Of all the food & drinks, sweets take the last step in the ladder.
But, I vouch my whole life that only a few other food can match the satisfaction, the sweet explosions this heavenly wine infused Black Forest can create in your mouth. Until I had this cake, my fave sweet stop in Singapore was "Secret recipe". The first bite of this Black Forest from Canelé, topped everything!
Once, during my stay in Chicago, a friend of mine offered me a choice. Either to spend the time going up the iconic Sears tower Or to go for a Dinner& Dessert spree. We went to the Greek town for dinner, followed by a long ride for a drink at The Signature Room on the 95th floor of John Hancock tower & dessert at Cheese cake factory. Even now, when am writing this, I can feel the rich creamy cheesy feeling all over my brain. And I was so sure that no other cake in the world is so good.
But, I stand corrected!

This is the best piece of cake I have had until now.

I wish Milu would visit Singapore soon, at least just for this ..

A million Thanks to Nickie & Carol, for introducing me to Canelé.

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