Moving on ..

I do remember talking to you all about the weightloss journey & the fat percentage. After a while, the scales were like on a break, resisting to move either ways. Stagnant as a rock, at the same number every time I step on.

These days, Mom and dad are here @ home and we get sumptuous amount of delicious mom-made, home-made food. Also, we have been visiting charming cafes & a few restaurants as part of the daily trips :-) (I do intend to write for you, about one of my restaurant. Soon... very soon). Naturally the scales had started going up little by little.

This week we have collectively decided at home that I have to get back on my weight loss track. In the past 5 days, I have finally overcome my emotional struggle, and have conquered the urge to snatch food from Manu's plate. Neither am I taking mid-night trips to the pantry when everyone else is asleep.
Today morning, it was so comfy to sleep that I skipped the walk. To compensate, today evening we are gonna skip shopping and go to a nearby park for picnic :-)

Maybe itz the healthy foods combined with "kilometers & kilometers" of walking (Mom & me have kind of made a pact to cover max number of shopping malls within this month!), the scales have started tipping down !

I will keep you updated :-) :-)

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