The new vase

 I tend to buy Orchids on a weekly basis. And other than the beauty, there are a few reasons on why I choose them over others.
1. We get to buy varieties of Orchids at a very reasonable rate in the markets here.
2. In my calculation, they are the most economic flowers, as they last for a week in the dining chamber. Later, when we buy new flowers, I trim the oldies a bit and I can move them to my kitchen shelf
3. They fit in the slim vase, which doesn't take too much of a space from the dining table.

I love the look of Orchids on wine bottles. Manu comments its coz I tend to buy only few flowers to save money! The narrow vase is always my excuse for it. Anyways, as I keep looking at them again & again, I realize that they deserve a better look and I chose the one with this beautiful green-brown. Only now I need to remove the sticker to make it look better.
Ladies, the easiest method (if the wine label is attached with a sticker adhesive) is to soak the bottle in warm water . I filled the bottle with water, capped it and then immersed in a bigger vessel filled with hot water. It peels of so easily.

And here it stands :-)

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