The shocking percentage!

My Gym has a machine to check the body fat percentage and other sophisticated numbers related to health. After 3 months of workout and a weight loss of 5 Kgs, I had enough courage to step on to it and the result did blow my mind off!
Quite depressing numbers they were.

The BMI is still in overweight range, which is fine for me as now. Coz I know that by continuing my weight loss, I can steer it to the healthy range pretty soon. But now this new number - Fat Percentage is bothering me a lot! This one is way off the limits and am not ready yet to share it publicly.
Ideally, ladies are supposed to have a Fat% of 8-15. See what Wiki says.
The technique used was Bioelectric Impedence analysis. Only consolation I get is this statement:
"When comparing outputs from a Tanita scale to an Omron Body Logic handheld device the Tanita scale overestimated the percentage body fat in college-aged men by 40% and in college-aged women by 55%.[" My Gym has the Tanita scale! But, then on further browsing, I found this chart provided by Tanita Ltd. And hence I am officially obese!

The more disturbing process was the analysis where by the instructor was shell shocked. He was telling me that in his entire career,  my results is the first time he is coming across, with the Fat mass higher than muscle mass. This leaves me so very anxious about my health!
So, as usual, I did my research and the only solution is diet control (read - healthy food) & gain some muscle mass. So, I started the much dreaded weight training. Nickie & Eric are teaching me the correct form and different sets of work outs. Hope I will be able to see the % creeping down soon.

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