The Maggi Story

There was a time when I led less complicated life, had very few ambitions and was even described by some as "that innocent girl". Well, those were the days when I used to have longish curly hair, never used lipstick, didn't know about the existence of black-pepper udon and thought alcohol was bad ;)
Yes, that is Me ;)

Back then, Manu once asked me about my requirements to migrate to a new country. My only demands were easy access to beaches, surplus supply of mangoes and Maggi noodles.
When I was in Japan, when my colleagues or managers came on business-trip, my dearest friend Smitha used to send me loads of maggi noodles, because that was something which made me extremely happy :)
There are many more stories about Me and Maggi ...  

Why am I writing this now? I am just waiting while my digestive fluids win over the noodles. So, I decided I might as well write about it. I came across the original Maggi noodles in a local department store here. 

The original Maggi flavour, which was the fave for all 90's kids :)

And naturally I ate a lot of it till I felt extremely contended.
Now, I can't go to bed until I semi-digest it and the bloatedness subsides. Maybe I should go for that pending walk.

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