Changing Tones

One of my fave topic to write these days are trains and the commute experience.

I do welcome the latest change in the MRT* announcements. Unlike the recent 'Mandarin announcement' trials, I hope this won't be prematurely terminated. A mellower request has replaced the age old stricter ones reminding of the 'offence'. "Help keep our stations and trains clean. Please do not eat or drink in stations or on trains" do sound better than "No eating or drinking is allowed in stations or the trains."
As the saying goes, Singapore is a 'fine' country. Imposing heavy fines for littering, smoking, eating/drinking in trains and buses are just the beginners. Being a PAP policy supporter (most of the time), I have been questioned many a times about the my take on the government decision to stick to ridiculously heavy fines. One reasonable explanation, I could come up with was - From a nation's perspective, a sense of belonging, patriotism and the culture of a population does impact the general crowd behavior. Without this fine system, few decades back, how would the government have ensured the discipline and cleanliness of a newly formed multi-racial, distressed nation with ever increasing immigrants ?

The recent change might be indicating a softening in attitude towards the public. Is the LTA trying to test if we are discplined enough? If this was a move to improve commuter experience, I don't think it helps. It is yet another string of annoyingly repeating, loud announcements.

When would the long distance commuters like me allowed peaceful sleep, without interventions from the MRT lady voice? I look forward to the time when the announcements fade away from existence, or atleast would be delivered at less frequent intervals!

*MRT - Mass Rapid Transit

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