As published in Straits Times

I know all of you, who are connected with me/Manu in Facebook have read the letter and the reply, even if you don't live in Singapore and this news does not matter to you. You all read that particular artice in the newspaper because I wrote it. Yes, it matters to me :-)
I am writing this post to thank you guys for being happy for me & also for me to read this in future and rememeber how excited I was about this.
You can imagine my happiest face you have ever seen. Add a bouce to my steps and that's how I looked like, when I saw my name printed in tiny blocks in the bottom left hand corner in an article in the national newspaper. :-) Manu brought the copy of the newspaper. I will take a picture and upload it here sometime.
Meanwhile, sharing the online edition

I was reading today's newspaper, and was pleasantly surprised when I came across this reply from Land Transport Authority

I do realize that LTA has replied with just a reassurance and not a complete plan. But, I am glad that they are planning to address the issue. I will do further follow ups as well.


Indu Sunil said...

Congrats..so happy for you dear Manju..keep writing ,adrees more and more social issues..stay cool..love you dear..

Indu Sunil said...

Wow..congrats dear Manjus..keep writing, address more and more social issues and stay cool..love you dear..

U_Kno_Who said...

Thanks Indu :)