New year is a good time and well accepted excuse to kickstart a lot of things which have been neglected for a long time. Especially activities concerned to the self which are not mandatory in real life. I am not naming them as resolutions Coz it quite compels me to break resolutions.
Couple of activities pending for a long time are blogging and healthy life !
Restarting blogging might be an easier one, mainly Coz I am having a very active life these years meeting a lot of people and learning loads of new things & my blog is not specific to an area/ just myself. So I will be pretty much writing here things which interests me and my readers :)
Healthy lifestyle is something which I have been aiming to start to practice and achieve for a long while. The sentence shows my inertia towards it ;) with the current lifestyle with loads of wining and dining this has become kind of unavoidable if I wish to continue the fabulous lifestyle :) over the past year I have learned the theory of it.
Workout atleast thrice a week.
Reduce processed food.
Complex Carb in the morning, proteins for the daytime.
choose brown rice, brown sugar .
Cardios are our good friends...

I have decided to embrace the words of wisdom and be healthier and to lose the excess weight I have accumulated over the past year.

So these two are the two small tests for me this year :)

Happy new year all ...

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