The Indian airports

Just during the recent travel, I went through the airports in the two major Indian cities… Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai & Delhi International Airport Limited.

Mumbai airport and the facilities there can be described in a single word as Terrible!

Almost all the people who were having transit from International to Domestic terminal were stranded. There is no proper information or infrastructure for the transit to occur. Many of them were shocked to hear that they have to collect their baggage, board a bus and reach the domestic terminal to catch their connection flight, which will depart like in an hour!
The worst part was the announcement system. There weren't any!!
The airplane staff had to go around the whole terminal shouting, repeating the names for passengers who are yet to board.
One positive thing I noticed was the personnel were trying their best to help. They were trying to guide the passengers in transit & to gather passengers from all the corners to board the plane.
I guess they are used to the angry banter of the distraught passengers. They kind of switch to autopilot as part of reaction and keep repeating the same useless consoling words and express their helplessness.

In sheer contrast to it is the New Delhi airport. A top class international airport with all facilities like travelator, snooze chairs, excellent gates, duty free shops, there was even a Delhi Daredevils pub.
The pics speak for themselves.

But the people, the indifferent and arrogant attitude is unbearable.
The typical "Dilliwallah" attitude, I have power, so I must use it put others in distress!
How else can you explain the behavior of the security staff, giving instruction to the Japanese transit passenger in pure Hindi, without even any hand signs?
The poor single traveler was lost when the uniformed staffs were asking her to get the tag for her hand carries, and for her to go the female section (when there was no queue of Ladies sign). They ask her in Hindi to open her bag for verification. She was so perplexed and the staffs were enjoying it. They were not even trying to hide their satisfaction & happiness by torturing others.
When asked, the security officer replied to me that this is how things are done here!

So sad that a set of our own people are spoiling the reputation & the standard we are trying to achieve.
If you do not know the language, I would suggest to take the transit at Mumbai airport ..

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