A hearty low-cal soup

As part of healthy life style, I discovered that I should switch from my fave fried Kway teow to Vietnamese Pho.
Likewise, I should introduce soups and salads into daily meals.
Oh! So expensive they are, to be eaten at Soup Spoon or Salad Stop.
Healthy food is more expensive to eat out, which brings me to my own kitchen.

I decided to boil a soup.
The recipe is here :

2 large carrots
A bunch of asparagus
A handful of almonds (This can be optional, I wanted to add some protiens)
One big white onion, cut as u like, but not too small.
One Tablespoon oil (Butter is better, for people who want enhanced flavor and added calories)
Cream Cheese - Maybe 2-3 Tablesppon ( for creamier and calorified soup)
Salt (Sorry, forgot how much I added)

Cut the carrots into two big pieces & boil them until they soften, in ~600ML of water . (I used 500ML, but my soup came out thicker and had to add some more water)
Boil the Asparagus & almonds (I put them together :) )
Once you boil it, you just need to squeeze the almonds to peel them!

Slightly sauté the onion in the oil to take away the moisture (4-5 minutes in reduced heat). It locks in the flavor too. Once the onion is slightly brown, add the peeled almonds, boiled asparagus and carrots and salt.
Let it mix well for a minute or two. Switch off the stove & let it cool.
Once its cooled, blend all of it to a paste.
I do not know if using a Blender Or a Mixer makes any difference.
My blender gave up on the way. So, I used the mixer grinder.
You might need to add some water to help the mixer.
Once itz thoroughly mixed, pour this mix into the water you used to boil the carrots.
Make your husband stir it in low flame until he gets bored and starts complaining (3-4 minutes). That's when you ask him to taste it.

In desperate need to escape from the kitchen, the definite answer would be "Darling .. Its delicious"!
You may repeat this statement to feed him the soup later.

Garnish with Shallots, a bit of garlic and cilantro leaves Or whatever you like to see :-)
I added cilantro coz it looked nice on the gleaming sun-kissed yellow soup!

Public opinion is that it tastes good.
Serve with slightly toasted bread. Remember to buy wholemeal ;)

Have a good meal!

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