Bizarre Dreams

I am a person infamous among my friends for having craziest of the dreams and nightmares. And the funny part is I remember most of them. I have read somewhere that usually all people have dreams in sleep. Its just that all of us won’t recollect it.
One of my classmates even suggested me to keep a diary of dream so that we can all read it together later and have a fun time. Earlier, I used to have 4-5 dreams in a single sleep. But these days, dreams are less.. Thank God! Some dreams really drive me crazy.
Today I woke up in a pretty confused state.
I was heading through a street to some famous temple in Japan. Suddenly the street becomes all crowded with people speaking Tamil and all are dressed in silk clothes. They were all in a festive mood. Somebody told me that a stage is being inaugurated in the temple and some traditional dance will be held onstage. I also moved on with the crowd. Suddenly, I saw lots of people weeping. When I looked into the compound of a house, I saw a beautiful middle-aged woman dressed in 9 yards saree(Tamil Pudavai). She was sitting on a chair and people were pouring water over head. Lots of others were sitting and crying. I did not stop there. Then somebody told that this lady has two kids.. a 3 year old and a newborn and that her husband was one of the victims of today morning's Mumbai tragedy. I didn’t get answer when I asked what tragedy happened in Mumbai. That faceless person had disappeared.Then3 ambulances drove in and they laid 3 dead-bodies on the ground. Somebody told them to move it up to the new stage. I didn’t see the faces of the dead. I could hear the cries of loss and I was feeling some sort of ache in my heart …A chill of death. I could feel the air filled with agony. I desperately wanted to get out of that whole place. I looked at the time and it showed 6.301,whatever it meant!! I saw a wooden door and ran to it. It was difficult running against the crowd. I somehow got out and then I was on my way to my apartment.I met my classmates on they said they were on the way to my place. They had motor-bikes and rushed past me. I was pushing my bicycle upon a stone-laid uphill… why ??
My alarm beeped before I reached anywhere ...and was relieved of more troubles.
The day in office was going pretty fine. In the afternoon, my colleague had a phone call and I saw him leaving the office with a tearful face. Later, another person told me that my colleague’s father passed away. The same dreadful feeling as in the dream was cast upon me.
Oh God, Let the soul rest in peace !!

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