A cool dream come true..

From the first time I saw the song "Aawara Bhawrein .." of Sapne, the wish for playing in snow had been in my mind. But, never thought I would really be able to..

In Japan, the new year week is celebrated as Golden week.. yezzz one week vacation. Adding up the weekends, a total of jolly 9 days ;) [Well.. am penning this down a bit late!]
When I look back, the schedule seems awful. Daily, I was sleeping till 12.30 or 1.00 till someone else called me up and tell the plan of the day. Then it would be a rush to get ready and then masthiiii.....
Being a female, I thought shopping could never let my spirits down. But, by the end of the vacation, we had covered almost all the malls in the area and I was getting tired of shopping.
Le’me come to the main day.. The only day when I woke up in the morning ;) At 9.00, we set off for a long journey to Hatchikita. I was having a window seat.. As we passed half way, the rain suddenly transformed to snow fall... Tiny white droplets falling from the sky! The white-capped houses and snow bordered roads were all part of my first glance of snow.

Our Target at a distance

See the roads covered in snow

Snow clad homes

The trees with Ice leaves

When we reached Hatchikita, the snow was thick. Earlier, the house-roofs had put on caps.. But here, the whole houses and the parked cars were fully enveloped by snow. Trees were all having branches made of snow :)
The mountains were all snow-clad. We changed to ski dress ‘n boots. Those are damn good ones.. Really protected us from freezing. We reached uphill through the rope way. The view from there is just magnificent. We were encircled by Snow Mountains and the path downwards is also full of snow. We played snow-ball for a long time.. Yeah.. made snow man also . When I used to read Calvin n Archie making snow creatures, I knew it would be soooo fun.. and now it was my turn :)We tried skiing and fell down a record number of times in just 15 minutes. Couple of my friends mastered the knack of skiing very soon. The snow fall was becoming heavy. Could get a handful of fresh snow, direct from heaven in less than 5 minutes. Obviously it tasted good .. ;)

The Team

They skii down the mount!!

When the snow-flakes fall.. it is so calm.. No rush at all.. seems like it has all the time in the world to decide where to fall. Itz really different from raindrops. The snowflakes float in air for a long time in a certain state of peace. U'll love watching the snowfall. Especially if you are lying on snow. It brings a peace of mind and drives the haste out of our thoughts. I felt like there is no need to worry about time and space. Just float by yourself..
Snow is really beautiful.. It seems like whiteness stretched to infinity..I admire nature's tricks that water when frozen will be so different.

A really cool experience which I will remember all through my life!!


Dragonfly said...

you could have included some snaps..

Manju Venugopal said...

done :)

sharmi0111 said...

ney..this is jus awesome..nd u ve put it in really good wordz...
thanks to u r blog..felt like i was experiencing "those snow..falls..STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN "
good work..

Minu said...

Hey .. Good way of presenting :)
When i read it, i wanted to be there , in snow :D

pamitha said...

the narration is wonderful...felt like having fun in the snow...as u said i too dream of playing in snow and making snow man..dont know if i can ever see and play in snow

S said...

gud........cool.......put some more photos...:)

Manju Venugopal said...

@ sharmi & s

thank youuuu :)

@ pamitha , minu
letz go somewhere together sometime :)

ദളം said...

the snow.. enteyum valiyoru agrahamaanu orikkal, orikkalenkilum onnu snow fall kananam ennathu...
you done it.. super!

neeharika said...

your words have got the same effect as that of a snow flake fall...
I could feel them falling slowly upon my mind.......
beautiful writing....I admire u Manju :-)