Sandheeshein aathee hain ..

Yesterday, I got a letter from one of my dearest friends in India. Not an e-mail or a print-out! It was a simple hand-written letter, just like old times.
When I read it, I felt like she was talking to me. The fact that she had written it out gave a very personal feeling. I felt so happy and elated reading it ..
It was a very simple act by her, but really touched me a lot.
We usually chat and call up each other. So, the letter was really a surprise to me. She had written some of the daily life stuff like office matters and shopping and movies and some chalus(silly jokes) ..
The very fact that she thought of writing down the stuff really made me feel good :)
When I think about it again, these lines come to my mind ...

Sandese aate hain
Humein tadpaate hain
Tho chitthi aati hai
Tho poochhe jaati hai
Ke ghar kab aaoge
Ke ghar kab aaoge
Likho kab aaoge
Ki tum bin ye ghar soona soona hai


Ajay said...

Nice to see you at my blog. Seeing your blogroll, you are most likely from TP.

None the less, knowing that someone is Japan is having this much fun is quite interesting. :-)

Dragonfly said...

why is that ajay? is japan notorious or something?

Manju Venugopal said...

Ajay, Me not from TP. I just happen to be a fan of dragonly & Icarus.
I usually check ur blogs also :)

And as a matter of fact, I enjoy life in Japan more than in India. This is really a good and safe place to live. And beautiful also :)

Ajay said...

Actually, I have had just 2 trysts with Japan and both have been at the Narita airport. I had a horrid time on both the occasions and hence not very fond memories. For that matter, except for Singapore, every other airport I have been to sucks!

Then there was this movie "Fast and Furious - Tokyo Drift" which gave a very non-kimono look of Japan. All in all, Japan is still a very big mystery to me and anything about it is interesting. :-)