Journey to the Himalayas

Chomolungma or the majestic Mount Everest is alluring to everybody. The idea that the mountain stands tall and consistent, witnessing the turn of the centuries, the beauty of being above the clouds viewing the milky way in all its glory, are few of the pull factors. 
The famous words of George Mallory sums it up - we climb "Because It's there"!
One of our usual sunday evening activities is exploring and dreaming up travel itineraries. We had a couple of leave days coming up in May and it was our chance to choose from few of the destinations in our list. We have been looking at the live webcam from Kala Patthar for a while now. Manu suggested that we should attempt Everest Base Camp trekking this year. We both had hundreds of reasons to put it off - the days, training and money involved were the top three. But the beauty of the mountains, the idea of being in the nature for so long and getting a chance to learn about Sherpa lives was too good to pass up. Finally after couple of hours of buts and ifs, how to's and can we's, we decided to hike up to the base camp and give ourselves a chance to view the Mt.Everest.

We started reading up on the trekking paths, flight options and training plans. We informed the family and the only supportive words we got were from the bro of the family(officially the brother in law) to get a proper insurance. Rest were obvious and genuine concerns on our compulsive behaviour to endanger our lives. After convincing them that this is not dangerous, we were granted permissions. The following few days were action packed. We have bought the tickets, insurance, decided on a trekking guide, we are training hard and shopping more :) Now, we have 20 more days left for the epic trip.

The countless travel blogs out there have served us as an encouragement and have been helpful in making many decisions, but the information changes with each season. I will document the preparations, shopping lists and our journey, here in this blog space, in hope that this will help some one, some day in their quest to the Nepal Himalayas. 

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