Chalo Kathmandu

We are setting off to Kathmandu, tomorrow morning. The excitement and anxiety is building up so much that it feels like a thousand butterflies on steroids fluttering wild on my insides.
We almost had a trekking partner, our favorite person from Japan, fondly known as Kerala San. He is the one who coined "Chalo Kathmandu" for our trip. Due to last minute work commitments, he wouldn't be joining us this time. He is the one who introduced me to the mountains, even though I didn't fancy them much back then. It would have been so much fun trekking with Kerala San. I am sure we will be hiking together soonish. 
One of the reasons we targeted to reach the Everest base Camp by first week of May, was to earn a chance to meet the legendary Sherpas who have touched Everest summit multiple times and the amazing climbers attempting summit. The tragic avalanche on April 18th 2014 at the notorious Khumbu Icefall has turned the tidings of this season. There have been 13 deaths and 3 still missing in the snow. Out of respect to the fallen Sherpas, the summit teams had not climbed the last week. The uncertainties on the route, safety issues, the tensions ongoing between Sherpas and Nepal Govt and much more has contributed to the folding up of this season. As of now, almost all big teams like IMG, Himex, Altitude Junkies all have decided to pull the plug on their 2014 expedition. As Alan Arnette says, climbing in Nepal has changed forever. 
Even with all the challenges and unfortunate news, we are going ahead on our little adventure to EBC. The support we have received from friends and family is incredible. Our family and friends here joining us on the training hikes and trail runs, friends bringing trekking stuff from the US and delish snacks from India, our outdoorsy friends giving us valuable tips on the medicines, where to buy whats, importance of heat packs and layered clothing, in-numerous calls,chats and messages to keep our motivation up for the trek, writing, photography and the list goes on... A big thank you to every single one of you!

This journey, at times, feels like a Dickens novel. Even though each sentence and chapter is amazing, I am too eager to know the climax. There is a huge urge to turn the pages and take a peek at the ending, just to make sure that all is well. But then, knowing the end kills the thrill of the ride. So, wish us the best, as you always have 

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