Spice up the connections!

Remember the times when only Singapore Airlines opearted flights between Signapore and Kochi/Trivandrum ? Those days when we had to anxiously wait for the "super hot deals" from SilkAir ? Or that one time when we were too excited about the home trip and booked tickets few months ahead of the vacation, to eventually realize that SilkAir again rolled out the hot deals? That heartbreaking moment when we realized that the last minute ticket was substantially cheaper than our purchase price? Well, that is all in the past now, thanks to AirAsia for breaking the monopoly.

I remember everyones thrill and excitement when AirAsia started the budget flights -Singapore-KL- Kochi. Most of us were fine to spend a night in the Kuala lumpur LCCT (Air Asia bus stand), because two or sometimes three tickets in Air Asia were cheaper than a single ticket in SilkAir. 
And, who needs dinner in the flight when going home, Right ? :-) 

What followed was a direct Tiger airways flight between Kochi/Trivandrum and Singapore. I even have a friend who goes home to visit his wife and kid whenever Tiger Air have seat sales. He goes home so frequently that I usually dial his India number first, even though he lives in Singapore.

Even though, we have multiple options these days, we are still a bit jealous when we look at the options for travellers from Chennai. But you must realize that those from Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, etc are equally jealous of us in this matter ! Just becasue all the good (budget) fortune were only for Malayalees until yesterday. 

There is a rumour among friends and colleagues that I spend a bit of time everyday looking out for flight tickets to numerous destinations, which I completely deny. I know the following lines might make my defence weaker, but I am compelled to share this page I came across "by chance".

Spicejet has new tie up with Tiger Air and we have connecting flights to more cities in India.

So, in case you were planning to go Goa next time during you home trip, fly to Goa directly, enjoy the break and then take a train home :-) 

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