Keep Reading - Libraries for life !

Just remember how lovely the libraries and bookstores smell. The new books, old books, the combinations – all sorts of papery smell! Awesome right? 
In the last 4 years, libraries in Singapore have been the only place, which has consistently delivered satisfaction. The huge collection and amazing volumes have always bought a smile to my face.

I love the libraries more, when my dad is visiting. He likes to read Tamil literature. We have never spotted such a collection, in even Kerala! The Ang Mo Kio library has a whole room dedicated to Tamil books. He could spend hours there. Once he has his collection checked out, I need not worry about him being alone on our working days. Thank you NLB!

When I was taking a break between jobs, I used to spend my weekdays in Queenstown library. It is such a laid back place, with amazing garden views and perfect setting for quiet reading. It was just a 10 minute bike ride away.

When the mostly creative Manu’s mum was here are we were racking our brains on what to create next, I took her to the library. She couldn’t believe the amount of jewellery making, candle making and knitting!

What made me think fondly of libraries is this particular page.

One of the books I borrowed recently has this still attached. Even though this system is no longer in use. The guys at NLB just left it there, I guess for old times sake. It made me remember the small libraries I have been member of, back in my town.

If you are living in or moving to Singapore, do not pass up the membership.

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