Lift your skirt , save your life ?

Do you agree ?

If you are following the latest media activities in India, you would think this is another stupendous solution provided by another 'famous' figure head to prevent rape.
I am sure some swami or neta or guru'ji' wouldn't hesitate to suggest it as a way to prevent getting raped.
If someone is coming on full power at you, just comply to his needs so your life could be saved !!

But, I came across this statement in Singapore, on a full sized poster ad with a lady's skirt flying up.
Part ll - The end !  ;) 
Somebody knowingly or unknowingly put a second poster adjacent to it.

The caption is so powerful and 'innovative' that I had to stop on the tracks and walk towards the poster so I could understand the divine purpose.
There it goes, zoomed into the content, below the distracting picture.And the campaign is in fact launched by Singapore Cancer Society, as an awareness campaign to detect cervical cancer. 

According to a survey result released last year by Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore, cancer is the #1 killer in this nation. Among the cancer victims, 4% of females were battling against cancer of the cervix. The most hope giving factor is that Cervical cancer found in early stages can be successfully treated.
The Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore is an establishment run by the government. They have come up with an amazing initiative, to provide subsidized PAP smear tests for early detection of cervical cancer. 

Pap smear helps to detect abnormal cell changes in the cervix early and allow for more effective treatment against cervical cancer. The chances of cervical cancer can also be reduced by vaccination against Human Papillomavirus (HPV). 

With the subsidies in place, Singaporeans get to do the screening @ S$ 15 while Permanent Residents would get it for a marginally higher S$ 22.5. 
Earlier this year, when I went for a PAP smear test, I paid around S$ 80. 

I am pretty impressed with the programs, except for the tag line ! 
The weird caption serves the purpose, people would definitely take a second look ;) 
Kudos to HPB!

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