Farrer Farrer, where are you ?

Finally realization dawns on SMRT or LTA that people could really get confused between the "Farrer Park" mrt station in the North East line and "Farrer Road" mrt station in the new circle line !

They are kind enough to put up transit directions now

How many confused tourists and store goers did it take for SMRT to finally realize that ?

If the LTA says that the Farrer Rd station had to have that name because the public knows that place only by that name, I wouldn't buy it. I did a quick check with my friends. Most of them did not even know such a place existed, until this MRT station was unveiled  Singaporeans definitely do not lack creativity when coming up with names! So, the question lingers, why Farrer ?

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Gowri said...

Oru Indian, athum oru Malayali, itra thoughtful aaya oru letter ezhuthunnathu kaanan oru surprise-um sughavum! :D