A week

I have been having a very rough week. When I look back, it seems like the toughest one I had in the whole year. To start with, not everyone back home are at the best of their health. I was also down with fever. Then, the throbbing leg pain forced me to consult a specialist. Thank God, he diagnosed it as an inflammation and nothing long lasting. But I have to spend precious weekend hours doing physiotherapy.
Then there were some totally unexpected set backs, which is still a challenge. I will have to take few tough decisions (life changing ? Naa, maybe temporary change) within the next couple of days. Finally, me and Manu were at a stage where we started thinking about our long term plans and took some.  But, the next morning we observed potential cracks forming in our 'stable' platform!
We were trying to cheer up and we prepared home-made chocolate yesterday night, to mark the weekend start.
The only good thing this week until now was that the scales showed that my weight had gone down by a Kilo :-) :-)
Today I was clearing my emails. My dear friend, Sita had mailed me the funniest link ever . It is a collection of many funny auto corrects
It made me laugh for 20 minutes plus, non-stop. Ofcourse, it took so long to read. I had to take breaks to stop myself from becoming a case of "She laughed herself to death". Literally, I could not breate, I had to grip hard to prevent from tumbling out of the chair.

Sita, you really made my weekend ultra light :-))

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