Airport Tragedy

In between the Bali posts, I want to share with you a very sad accident we witnessed at Changi airport. This is the worst airport tragedy I have ever seen. I sincerely hope this will remain the worst!

As an after effect of this accident, I could see the bonding between the "spiritual" brothren of the world. I have observed judgemental & racist people, especially in the airport where multitude of nationals come together. But, this adversity brought forward the unity among the humanity and everyone was trying to console the person who caused the wreck. I knew that I would have to face troubled night if I did not know what the guy had to pay for this. So, for the sake of self, I stood strong against the tired and sleepless me + feverish Manu to see the outcome. The group ended up purchasing many bottles of Ballantine's & did not have to pay for the broken one.

Still, What a terrible waste of spirit.
May this not repeat!

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Cane-an said...

D once mistakenly broke a full bottle of Johnny Walker at home once. It was just brought fresh from the Airport and it was the first week of our wedding.
I think we have successfully put that episode behind us now but it was tough...