Guess what!!

Have an interesting update from the last post.
The news is that as soon as KSEB were winding up their work, the Kerala Water Authority started digging the portion of the road which was left untouched.
And when I asked them about using the same one dug by others, they say that KWA cant use the portion dug by KSEB !!

Well.. last week, everybody finally finished their work and left the place.
What is remaining is a muddy road (somehow rains come on time when roads are damaged) and a leaking water pipe.
Result- we dont have water in the mornings as whole water wd have leaked through the pipes,people continue slipping and falling as the roads are all muddy, sticky and also dark at nights, sandals get broken, people cant hurry and end up missing the bus,and on and on ......

Hmph!! yeh mera India ..


Icarus said...

Time to pack your bags. ;-)

Jeseem said...

the kerala gov.. authorities are the most in-efficient, corrupt, arrogant and plain stupid.
the feeling of " i am working for good of society and to help people" simply doesn't exist.