It happens only in India !!!

Do you see this??

Can you believe this is part of Trivandrum city – the capital of God’s own country!!
Yesterday morning I went to office and on the way I saw some workers aiming our roads. I was wondering, whatz up now! The water authority has just finished digging half the roads as part of the Japan water project.
But later I received a call from dad that I need to be very careful when I come back to home. He said that there is no more road left to ride a two wheeler. Also, he mentioned that the power is off for whole day. Honestly I couldn’t believe that they would have broken the roads which hundreds of people use daily.
But when I came home night what I see, err ddn’t exactly see… Thanks again to KSEB, not even a single street light works! Well.. they were working without any trouble. But a couple of months back , the authorities came and replaced them with so-called new lamps. Everything continued fine for a month. Then Whooosh.. one by one, all lights went off forever. So, where was I.. reaching home ne?
The shopkeeper on the way warns me to switch on some torch or any source of light and take each step carefully. I cdn’t see any roads and I almost fell down. Water was overflowing everywhere. They have broken the water pipes also as part of the digging. Finally somehow I managed to reach home. I was shocked to see that they haven’t even left a walking space for crossing the gate. As expected, there was no water supply.
Today morning, they have circulated a notice to every house that work has commenced (as if nobody noticed yet!) and it will continue for more than 2 weeks. They have no answers for questions like why couldn’t you inform us earlier ? Or why are so less people working on this project and why can’t they try to do it without causing so much inconvenience ? And what happens to people who have left their vehicles in office? As for the question on roads, the repairing is not the responsibility of the electricity board!
It’s just that government knows public will endure all the difficulties imposed on them. Yesterday people were scared to even walk through these roads and now they have found enough courage to drive their bikes through whatever portion of the road is left. Don’t know whom to blame .. the government or the people who go through everything without any formal complaints ?
Or can there be progress only in such an inconvenient way?

A few more snaps taken in front of my home ..

Heard that KSEB has announced special prize for people who identify the road and the gutter and the drain!


ദളം said...

evis ee sthalam?? kunje enthina mugham marachu pidichirikkunne???

U_Kno_Who said...

ithu pongumoodu aanu nne ..

he hee.. ente 'cheriya' camera pidichapolekkum mukham maranju poyi ;) maatiyekaam

Jeseem said...

unfortunately its lack of responsibility and transparency, on part of administration. There is no simple straight-forward way to complain and have disciplinary action taken.
I compare this to CA, where I see a road sign a month before, if they plan to close an exit. And work gets completed overnight.

mother words said...

chithrangal. geevithamanu.... vakkukkal vazhikalum...ashamsakal

U_Kno_Who said...

yeah jeseem thatz true.
what i cant bear is they come without notice and spoil the roads and leave it as such for weeks on

Sharmila said...

Well M actual facts well conveyed,& the sad pligh of the people,& irresponsibility!!!!!!the snaps add chilli nd pepper to the facts.good one!!!!