To be or not to be !!

To be or not to be in love is the very thought which complicates the human mind.Here , by love, I mean love not only between a man and woman, but also between siblings, parent & child, friends etcetera ..
To be in love .. I mean truly in love with a person, naturally brings some expectations.And believe me when I say this, in most circumstances, a person without expectations is much happier and peaceful than a person with them.
For eg: when I am sick, I will expect a person who truly loves and cares for me and whom I too love and look forward to be with,to call me or pay me a visit or assure me. It doesn't physically help much in the recovery.But, then it makes some good sort of ruffling inside, which makes us feel better.Well ... these are things everybody knows. But, then I cant still decide to be or not to be in love.I have been in and out of love ..
case 1 : When I am a simple stupid person believing in the small and big things in life and have a lot of expectations from self and from others, the sadness is too hard to bear and the happiness (which comes after a lot of pain) just gets better of all other feelings I have felt till then.
case 2 : When I am a level headed independent person with no expectations, I cant truly feel the love or happiness. But there is the advantage that no one can make me sad too.I am the master of the feelings where I can chose whom to let me feel what, and upto what extend !!!But then, thats not natural rite ? Its like deciding out of free will.So, why the heck be in love and feel all the complications around ?
And, to chose to be case 1 or case 2 is totally upto a person and it is not uncontrollable. All habits, traits and behaviours can be altered by human mind.
Is the momentary feel of pure happiness worth the loads of pain and sometimes humiliation that it brings along ?
I wonder who are the turly successful people in this world-
The ones who are innocent enough to feel the true love ??
Or the ones who have mastered the emotions and their mind ??
Should the case 1 & case 2 be addressed as 'sincere' & 'fake' ?
And, surprisingly I am a person who was in Case 1, and somehow travelled and reached case 2 , where the intensity of emotions are near zero, then coming back again to case 1.But, as I am nearing the case 1 state where I feel myself more sincere and committed to the relations around me, I have started feeling the pain.Is it really worth it ??? If I chose case 2, will I miss out what is called 'life' ? Or does 'life' means enlightment that case 2 is the way to see and master our world ?
OR are the real winners, the persons who know the perfect position to take between case 1 & 2 ??
PS : Yet another blabber of a sleepless mind !


TRUTH said...

madam honestly ...yesterday's learnings are no guide for tomorrow
Rather than learning you require a lot of unlearning of what you learned.

sarath said...

hi.. im new.. in the sense. new to blogs.. new to post a comment also.. when i read tis dont know felt to comment... u r not here.. u can be there.. at zenniths of writing... at peaks of land where pen has more speed tat jet engine.. a pen which has power than mouth.. a pen which sees and reach where telescope cant make it... ur mind is the pen... ur burnt heart is the ink..

Manju Venugopal said...

hey, thanks for reading through the stuff.

sarath .. thanks for the inspiration :-)

Anjali Menon K said...

first time seeing someone has the same confusion... liked it.. :) :)... well explained.

Anjali Menon K said...

well said.. good to hear that someone is having the same opinion... :) :)

Anjali Menon K said...

well said.. good to see that someone is also having the same opinion.. :)