ASEAN agreement .. what happens now ?

If you are an Indian, you might have heard that few months back our government signed an agreement with ASEAN nations permitting them to export their goods to India. This was done to be part of the ongoing globalization.
Have you given a thought on what all ways would it affect the common-man? The farmers of our country?
Our beautiful state Kerala, is going to see the worst effects of it, since a number of products produced in Kerala feature on the list of the ASEAN agreement - these items include pepper, rubber and coffee.
Will the farmers who already face hardships, be able to withstand the competition from ASEAN countries?

The CPIM had launched a protest against this agreement.
They organized a state-wide human chain on Oct 2nd. Needless to say, it was a huge success. Despite the rain, almost 30 lakh common people participated along with leaders including our CM and CPIM party general secretary.
Myself and dad also formed links of the chain & together We all took oath against the agreement and to protect our farmers. The main slogan was ‘ASEAN trade agreement to be dumped in Arabian Sea’.

But, then is anybody bothering to follow up on the same?

Well .. after that, one day, I read in news paper that central government have agreed to provide compensation to all farmers , for any loss incurred due to the agreement.
With the current state of affairs, would the needy people receive the well deserved reimbursement?
Would the central or state government including the leaders of the human chain take any measures to ensure it ?
Does the public who affirmed the protest be sincere to the pledge we have taken?

Finally, after all the hype and publicity, what does the poor farmer gain?
Let us see wait and watch the effects of the treaty which will be effective from Jan 2010!!


sharo said...

i am getting crazy about u.. u ve social tracks too sprinting in ur mind... ????

Icarus said...

Agreements go both ways - it also enables Indian wares to be sold in other countries. That's what globalisation is all about. :-)

Manju Venugopal said...

@ sarath .. ofcourse we have to have it.

@ Icarus .. but then, can we really afford to have foreign goods to rule our market?

Icarus said...

I love my Japanese cameras, my Finnish cellphone, my South African operating system, my Malaysian teak furniture, my Thai rice. As a consumer, all I care about is quality and cost - and I'm willing to buy from anyone who's able to offer it. That's what capitalism is all about. This triggers competition - and it is the foundation on which the developed world's success story is built upon. Instead of continuing the third-world practice of protectionism, India needs to emulate the developed world. Even hardcore Commies in China know that their Marxist ideals are worthless - which is why they opened up their economy. The first KFC opened in Communist China in the 1990s, at least a decade before 'capitalist' India. The CPI(x), for all x, has done absolutely nothing except to function as a dead weight trying to prevent this country from rising from the abyss of poverty into the light of development, and it would be in the interest of everyone in the country for people to stop supporting them any more.

sharo said...

in or out urself..u use foreign products naa??? the soap.. the cold beverages... the cosmetics... aren't they videsi???

U_Kno_Who said...

hey guys ..
am not in here talking about swadesi movement.
But, being part of a better earning community, who can afford foreign goods, can we afford to neglect the plea of our farmers and producers ?? after all.. phir bhi dil he hindustaani

Icarus said...

Why don't farmers in India produce cheaper, better goods and export them? Global trade is an opportunity - if one is willing to work smarter.

I can't be more concerned about Indian farmers than, say, Thai farmers. They're all human, irrespective of what geographical region they happened to be born in! :-)

Icarus said...

And as far as farming in Communist Kerala is concerned, everything, including coconuts - that after which the state is named! - is imported from neighbouring states. CPI(M) or their farmers in Kerala do not seem to have any problem with that! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi friends...

Shit on ASEAN agreement and on CPIM.