The CNY eve

I promise that after this one last post about the CNY holidays, I will move on!
I have a more interesting note to write about underwater robots, but this has to go in first! In my later years, when I look back at 2013 and try to remember what the h*ll I was spending my days on, I want this to be on the chart! Because it was a fun night. :-)
Moreover, this is the most recent holidays we have had and so automatically it is a high!

Note : I will swallow as many words as I can and let the pictures speak.

I love the Chinese New Year season for the yearly supply of mandarin oranges, love letters and other goodies, amazing decorations in Chinatown and not-so-amazing fireworks on the eve. Continuing the yearly tradition, we set out to see the lights.  They were as magnificent as ever! Then I noticed the posters about River Hongbau 2013 - unlike the US budget, Singapore is in surplus and spending cuts are unheard of ;) Well, the River Hongbau was a full fledged celbrations complete with lighting up the whole riverside, enormous floats and decorations at the Marina, food street and what I had wished for - mega scale fireworks !
For the 2013 actual New Year's we had missed most of the fireworks due to "technical errors"(Please note my usage of the most handy term when situations are better left unexplained) . So, this time, we determinedly went early as 8.30, to catch the whole fun !

Prepared we were! An ideal field day, Aye ?
Lights, Camera & with the right spirits

That is the fortune god. He was periodically showering lucky numbers for the year!

Candy time .. Oh we had so much fun! :)

The carnival - I missed Teena here.
She is the only other one in the gang ready for these rides.

The grand finale !

Photo credits : Dragonfly 

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