My Baba & I

Me and my boyfriend were spending a whole weekend shopping in the city. Roaming around on Sunday nite we saw the walls of Singapore Arts Museum, got interested and walked towards it. Beside it was a temple. Seeing a South Indian temple and a Chinese temple side by side in the midst of the city skyline was curious enough. Even more curious was the sight in front of the temple.
I noticed a small crowd in front of the temple. As you know me, naturally I wanted to know what was going on in the centre. What I saw there was total surprise !.!

An Indian astrologer lady was predicting future of a Chinese family .
I was not sure if my clicking pictures now would end up in a commotion. Since I couldn't resist it I started showing my usual interestingness expressing and focusing.

Seeing me with my SLR and stuff, the lady started taking out cigarettes. I guess she wanted to look cool in the pics ;)

The Chinese lady and family were pretty concerned about the issue they were facing in life and she somehow believed that this Indian lady could put their life out of misery!
Hey .. look who the force is ..

And later a pretty long advice and thinking session, the fortune teller asked the recipient to buy a few chains and pendants from the adjoining stall at the other end of the slab. The smokin lady started chanting manthras and handed over the chains to each and every family member and blessed them.

Hopefully, the family felt relieved and have their problems sorted out by now...

It could be a common sight in India, probably without the cigarettes.. But in Singapore!! Naa.. never expected to see a session like this !! But after thinking more about it, I think it just points to the common human behavior to have faith in someone big, powerful than the self!


Jerry Leela John said...

good observation

Shanks said...

wherever u go - u r never far from an indian err indian sadhu!

Jeseem said...

ooh.. modern version of an astrologer. she has a big watch too.
so what did she about you... was it like.. you will be great photographer, with you own galleria, if you start right now and click me.
nice post.

ദളം said...

who is ur boy friend? I stuck there!! I coudlnt read the remaining part aaaramse......

U_Kno_Who said...

neenz .. now u have your answers I guess ;)