Back to the city

Once the aim I set for myself for the Japan travel was accomplished, I had so much wanted to return to India to work out the rest of my life plan.When I was leaving Japan, I was not feeling so very comfortable or excited as I thought i would. I acknowledged to myself that I am gonna miss my apratment which had been my home for 2 years now and then the wonderful couple over there who were always there for me.And the worst thing was life is never gonna get so much comfortable in India. So, when I came back, I have this high prio tasks of finding a good abode, set up the basic living infrastucture, get used to the dead slow procedures and unruly traffic.And the well pronounced quality of India and our citizens and sytem : tardiness !!
I had to endure the struggle of so called settling for more than a month. After hunting down some 15-20 houses, I could finally place my eyes on the perfect place I was looking for and there came the YES from my mind.A fully furnished 2 bedroom neat independent home. Its some 4 kms from office and is well connected.Then the internet connection !! Aisanet dataline, which usually offers connections for 2 days. U know, I have this special luck with things And my connection came through after 15 days of follow up !
Well.. U must be thinking where did she suddenly bounce up from ?Sorry my dear page .. I have been off for so long now .. At times, the thought of writing used to come to my mind .. And there were lot of "write-worthy" events in this period. Guess what ..I even ditched my Diary !What deprived me of the time and mood to write was the hectic schedule of 8.30 to 24.00 daily work. But then, it has been far easier for some 5-6 months now. But then, being a human I had this inertia and I am well known for my laziness.Between I had stumbled upon a lot more interesting ( and beautiful) medium for expressing ideas. I got interseted in photography and bagged my first kiss ;) he hee .. thats the SLR Canon EOS Kiss X2 (Caught Ya !!) .
But then, now back in India I miss Japan a lot and I regret the fact that I never penned anything about the life there.It would be fun to read all those after a couple of decades .. And then suddenly a pal of mine asks me about my blog and that i should try a bit of writing.Then I also started thinking.. Anyways .. Got lot of time at hand. Y not fill the web space with my rubbish .. So, here I am .. with a self promise to continue writing .. even some boring stuff .. Jee !!

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Nice to Hear from you manju.And happy to see you in high spirits.