A perfect Autumn nite !!

Here I come into the new world. Till date, I had plenty of time to start blogging. But I ddn’t get the needed trigger to start. And now, I have one solid reason . I have my Japanese exam next Sunday. And since it is exam time, I feel like I want to do many many things .. like painting, watch movies, cycling, shopping, browsing and everything except studies!! That is how I stumbled upon the blogs of some of my friends and the idea stikes me !! I need to start blogging .. That will be the ultimate thing I can do when exams are near ;)
So friends … let me also make a small space for me in the blogosphere.
As I said, I am having japanese exam on december 2nd. Today, being a holiday, I went to my friend’s place for combine study. As usual, we all talked a lot about movies, songs and the common topics .. well… did some studies in between. I stay at Sanda,Japan.[ Have a lot to write about this beautiful place. Expect a blog soon about Sanda.] And my friends stay at Yurinokidai. Its some 15 mins away from Sanda by train.
First thing I saw when I stepped out of their house was the bright full moon in the dark night. Today it was a perfect Autumn night, with clear sky and full moon and obviously lots of stars .The temperature was -1 degree, a bit too cold for Autum… rite ? Time seemed so perfect and felt that world is really beautiful . I feel that tonight was the most beautiful nite I have ever seen.

I realised that I need to buy a cam soon.


Dragonfly said...

Another blogger. Keep posting.. :)

Sharmila said...

That is what u call a perfect A U T U M!!!!! G8.well me on the other end of the globe....its hot here..sun at its peak and me a melting wax.Had to travel a lot over the past few days,this was de day of my friend "Jay nd Harsha " i had no other choice but to leave for the marriage.
It was the early hours of 24th dec,my alarm kept hooting like a bolt from hell..i woke up..stopped it nd reset for another half n hour nd slept of...woke up at the hoot.. the second time.Felling pity at my broken sleep..got in to the shower came out..half asleep still.I came out to find Magganz(Sumesh -my class mate) miss call.i was late already.i ran about wearing clothes getting dressed.Walked out in haste and got in to the bus.I got down at kaloor 20 minutes from the place i stay.Maggan was waiting there,together we got in to kottayam bus after a couple of hours of rock nd roll journey by bus reached kottayam town by 9.15 a.m.we took a bus to changanachery nd reahced the church by 10:20a.m.Surprisingly there was nobody we knew i thought we came to the wrong church as there was the baptism of a new born.hm...we called renju he said it was the rt church nd that we were too early for the marrige.after an hour janis koshy came,he became a bit fat.then atti-ashan(aneesh) came.we were having a gala time inquiring about each others whereabout nd work.
A huge white nicely decorated car came in that was the bride's car nd our little "tharavukutty")harsha) was sitting pretty like a lovely snow angel...just out of heaven.she could not move with the bow nd thing on her head.i went near holded her cold arms as always and smiled at her (wishing her the best and believe that u ll get de best).then i walked towards the others.I saw mota tessy coming...hey her mottta has vanished she has long hair now,now more prettier.
We were all talking and eagerly waiting for the room to come.hey then another car came in and here comes the groom"jay" dressed in a penguin suit (black n white).he walked towards tharavu,they stood together.walked towards the church.Hey the prayers to holy grace loads of flowers the presence of friends and relatives.After a long wait and a few years of togetherness..they were knot towards "together F O R E V E R".
I walked out of the church only to find a whole gang of my friends.arya -pradeepa-surabhi-sujith...hey sujith shaved off his hair.....everyone was there renju...scurry..mathan...-well matham s become so fat like a hugue wine barrel :)
Gibin came in after an on site from b lore..he s become very thing.we all had the feast..took picz wished them best blessed them..had a lil bit of gala time pulling each others legs like the days in college.Then everyone said bye nd started moving towards home.
that was a lovely marrige i attended after a long time.I had to travel back 3 hours to reach my hostel.I felt like a piece of feather..so light nd numb after the tiring journey.."however i enjoyed it to the C O R E :)"
Who said marriges r made in "heaven" we can make the earth heaven....if we really want to ;)

Aneesh said...

good :)

Words of Khalil Gibran said...

You can be a bit more descriptive, hope u will do when u describe Sanda :)

Nice one...

Deepesh Panicker said...

Sugoi !!! :)

angie said...

now now... you couldnt have sauid it better manju! truly exams bring out the best of creativity in you... it has been proved... time and again!!

Manju Venugopal said...

thnx sharmee for the updates on the wedding.. felt like being with u all.
wait for more posts on Autumn ;)

Minu said...

Good that you too started blogging ..Keep posting , love to read !

S said...
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